Seiko has also been the official timekeeper at many international sporting events since the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Seiko has been privileged to share moments of tremendous excitement with athletes and spectators worldwide.

Seiko wanted to increase awareness amongst two of their sponsored athletes – Landon Donovan and Hope Solo. I created a Sweepstakes site where fans would pick and choose their side and have a chance to win prizes.

Client: Seiko Scope: Branding, Website

Launch Website


The goal was to create a Sweepstakes website and generate entries with new Likes/Fans on Seiko’s Facebook page.

Landing page design for Hope Solo’s page.

Landing page design for Landon Donovan’s page


I created a landing page for both Hope and Landon.


The Sweepstakes website generated 100,000+ entries within a month and a half period and generated 35,403 new Likes/Fans on Seiko’s Facebook page.


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